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PSA: Banish the Box!

I'm baaaack! Yes it has been nearly an eternity since I have written, but I'm here now. So let us enjoy the present together.

Recently I had a lovely client who was, admittedly, indecisive and impulsive. So much so, she called the salon on a whim and scheduled a full color overhaul. Now, this is not unusual by any means. What was unusual was her current color itself. At her base (scalp) she had a beautiful gingery, golden color which I thought suited her quite well. This color continued to about 3 inches down, at which point, the color began to shift and gradually make its way to a muddy, dark brunette. In essence, she appeared to have a reverse ombre. After a nearly 20 minute consult, I learned that this young lady was so impulsive she often took to coloring her own hair when a salon appointment was unavailable. Uh-oh. The box.

Now, we stylists do not beg our beautiful clients to keep away from box color solely to "take all of your money". I know it seems that way, but, in actuality, using box color leads clients right back to us with double the price tag. Allow me to explain.

As stylists, when we create color, it is customized. We take into account the porosity, integrity, elasticity, history, and overall feel of the client's hair. All of these points are important. They can have either a positive or adverse effect on the overall desired look. Box color does not know that you got a perm on a whim three weeks ago and inform you of the very high chance that your hair may dissolve into oblivion if applied. Box color definitely doesn't know that your sister's friend's little sister who just graduated beauty school recently put "brown color" on your hair that she bleached three times in a row because you were feeling platinum, then you weren't and now you are again. I think we get the gist, here. Hair color is actually a science. The precise mixing of chemicals, curated specifically to address ones unique hair qualities and needs. It requires a certain respect, if you desire quality results.

What's more, box color certainly cannot listen to all of your life's woes and give you the worlds greatest, FREE therapy. You're welcome. Seriously, there are psychology books, podcasts, and articles written to demonstrate and dissect this happening.

In the end, we stylists are human, too, and fully recognize that sometimes, ya just need to save a few pennies. In this case, TALK TO US! Tell us what's up. If we can't help in terms of what we charge, we can at LEAST help you to get your hair done in a manner that will be beneficial to all.

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