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Save Your Tattered Hair Extensions!

Updated: Aug 6, 2019

Hair extensions feel like the stuffing from a scarecrow? Are they lookin like they have been through Cochella, Burning Man, AND Lollapalooza back to back ten times? Don't lose hope just yet!

The one thing we tend to forget about hair extensions is that they are, in most cases, real, human hair. Why does this matter? Well, this means the only difference between them and the hair on your head is that (aside from the processing they may have had before they reached you) your hair is still connected to your head. Contrary to popular belief, the hair that is growing from our heads is not "alive." Hair has no blood flow. The strand of hair itself has no active system to deliver nutrients once it leaves our scalp. That said, our attached hair and our hair extensions need the same treatment. In fact sometimes our extensions need a bit more love.

Enter, Kevin Murphy Restore.

I absolutely LOVE this product. It has revived both my extensions, and my hair.

Why Kevin Murphy? The products work! Restore is packed with Amino Acids like, Lysine and Arginine to help bind moisture to the hair and reconstruct dry, brittle, damaged hair. Aside from the fact that the products do what they say, the brand itself is made by a working stylist. The brand is performance driven, with Earth conscious practices designed to minimize its carbon footprint.

Now, back to the extensions. I followed the application directions applying the product to my wet extensions. Normally the the hair would sit for 2-3 minutes, however, because my extensions were on their last leg, I let them sit for a couple hours. After rinsing and drying my extensions, they felt months younger!

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